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Cancellation Policy

All tours are nonrefundable within 14 days of travel.  You can purchase our Klondike Prospector Protection Insurance with your booking that will allow for refunds up to tour departure time.  We will allow time changes or date changes for a 20% penalty for all independent.

A full refund will be processed FOR ALL TOURS if your ship does not arrive in port or if it arrives too late for your intended tour and we are not able to accommodate you on a later departure time.

Tours booked thru a third party are subject to the rules and policies set by that operator/third party.

All tours require proper IDENTIFICATION as most involve crossing the border into Canada.  Failure to bring the proper *original* government ID to enter Canada, and re-enter the United States, will result in a forfeit of your funds paid.  Please read our FAQs for additional information.

Custom or Private tour sales are final.  Tour price is forfeited if canceled for any reason other than your ship not arriving in port or arriving too late for us to accommodate your tour.

Trip Cancellation Protection

Flexible Booking with Klondike Prospector Protection

Klondike Prospector Protection was instated as a means for customers to protect their purchase on Skagway Tours. With our Prospector coverage added to a Skagway Tour reservation, travelers have the extra protection for changes in plans and be able to get a full refund, with no fee changes & refunds allowed up to 6 hours before tour time.

Our Klondike Prospector Protection is especially handy when travelers are forced to cancel the trip AFTER the cancellation cut-off (typically 14 days before the tour); without Klondike Prospector Protection, a refund would not be administered after the cut-off.

Klondike Prospector Protection is ONLY for tours operated by Skagway Tours and may not apply to affiliates or tours in other parts of the state.

Klondike Prospector Protection Fees & Conditions

The Klondike Prospector Protection fee is based on the cost of each tour, which will vary depending on the type of tour. This fee is non-refundable. The option to add Klondike Prospector Protection to a booking is visible in the booking form, lower section, for each trip offering Klondike Prospector Protection.



Terms and Conditions

  1. Klondike Prospector Protection is only available when making the original booking, it cannot be added after you have completed your purchase.
  2. Klondike Prospector Protection is not valid for bookings made less than the Klondike Prospector Protection offer for the specific tour start date or departure time.
  3. Klondike Prospector Protection is only valid on bookings made directly with Skagway Tours.
  4. Bookings made through third parties do not qualify for Klondike Prospector Protection.

Process to receive a refund with Klondike Prospector Protection:

  1. In order to cancel with Klondike Prospector Protection, customers will be required to contact Skagway Tours via phone or email no less than the Klondike Prospector Protection term PRIOR to the departure time (day tours) of your activity; see confirmations for details.
  2. Customers must tell the reservation agent the booking number of the activity to receive a full refund, minus the Klondike Prospector Protection fee. The booking number is visible on the booking confirmation (sent via email).
  3. Klondike Prospector Protection does not qualify for no shows, or late arrivals. If a customer calls or emails less than the Klondike Prospector Protection term from the scheduled departure time (day tours) to cancel, the protection will not be valid.

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