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Don’t just take our word for it. Here is some actual feedback from past and in most cases returning customers. People love their adventures with us so much, they can’t help but share their experiences.

“Thank you so so much Skagway Tours for one of the best trips of my entire life!! My 2 friends, Chris, Lynne and i, came all the way from Liverpool UK on a cruise and booked this tour before we came, and from the second we stepped on the bus it was sheer magic. Our guide was the inspirational, amazing, informative Monica Schuster who showed us so much, that there was literally a “wow” around every bend. Her passion for the environment around her, her amazing, brilliant local knowledge, her enthusiasm, her spirit of adventure, all made this trip something that we will never forget for the rest of our lives, especially as we share all these passions too. How could we ever forget all the landmarks, lakes and mountains we saw, and all the animals including, bears, bald eagles, even huskies and a hoary marmot!! We even saw a desert and had an absolutely fab lunch at Carcross, just like being in the wild west, amazing!!!!

I can say with absolute conviction, that this is the best tour i have ever, ever been on. As a person who is completely passionate about wildlife, dedicated to conservation with an all consuming love of photography, nothing will ever compare to this. Never in my life have i witnessed such scenery and Monica made sure we saw as much as possible, thank you for that xxx She was so generous with her time too not rushing us back. This is so wonderful, and means so much, because we have a very limited time to spend in such a magical place, and those extra minutes mean so very much to us. Every single second spent there is a wonder. Skagway Tours, you are simply amazing. I took loads of pics and i will share them when i sort them out. Thank you for helping me/us to make the most unforgettable, wonderful, magical lifelong memories, and my 2 friends feel the same way too. Everyone should know about this tour!! xxxx One day i would so love to come back. xxx”

— Cathy Clements from Liverpool, England

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