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Tour Overview

One of our best & highest rated tours, this exciting tour starts up the Klondike Highway, climbing nearly 3,500 feet thru the White Pass and into Canada – where your destination is a remote sled dog camp located between Tagish & Tutshi Lake in British Columbia.  You’ll meet Iditarod & Yukon Quest Mushers Ed & Michelle, along with their family of canine athlete puppies in training!

While at Tutshi Sled Dog Camp, travelers will help these athletes train for their next race by doing a 15 to 20 minute mushing exercise thru the Canadian tundra.  The dogs will pull a 6 passenger UTV by a musher (or trainer) who will go over their training & commands as you race thru the wilderness.  At the end, guests will then have an educational chat with the mushers (or trainers) to learn about the Yukon Quest & Iditarod races, learn about the dogs, and history of mushing.   

This half day tour includes our Skagway City & Summit Tour, with stops and scenic overlooks along the Klondike  Highway and into British Columbia’s Tormented Valley, and finally Tagish Lake for a stop at our main destination: a sled dog camp.

Our tour times are coordinated with ship times.  Our team double checks all bookings to ensure you will return to Skagway before your all-aboard!

The Excursion
  • We’ll meet you outside your ship at the 3 major berths in Skagway or at Centennial Park – across from the White Pass Railroad Depot
  • On your way to the sled dog camp, listen to informative commentary from your driver-guide about Skagway and the Gold Rush.
  • Enjoy multiple photo stops and catch memories along the Klondike Highway, including the Welcome to Alaska sign and the White Pass Summit.
  • You’ll cross the border into Canada, so all guests will need an original birth certificate (US/CA residents only) or a passport (see notes below).
  • 45+ minutes at Tutshi Lake Sled Dog Camp.
  • 15 to 20 minute dog mushing experience
  • Educational talk with real mushers (or trainers)
  • Time permitting – a photo stop at the Welcome to the Yukon sign
  • Gift shop, snacks, and primitive latrines at the sled dog camp.
  • Bus transportation is provided back to the docks at the end of your tour.

Tour time is approximately 4.25 hours.


Our current pricing for this tour:

  • Adults: $169 USD + tax
  • Children aged 6 to 13: $149 USD + tax
  • Group discounts available for parties of 9 or more
  • NOTE:  This excursion is not recommended for children under 6.  Please book “Pet The Puppies” excursion for those who can’t go on the mushing exercise.

Contact us for private charters on this excursion – Skagway Tours has 14, 24, and 42 passenger vehicles.

Skagway Tours prices all experiences in USD.   American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa are accepted in our online booking engine (calendar to the right).

Tours must be paid at time of booking.   Tours are non-refundable within 14 days of travel unless you purchase the Klondike Protection Plan or your ship does not make it into port.

What are the dates & times of the tour?

This tour runs during the summer cruise ship season, which is from the 1st week of May until the end of September.  Tours in the early & later part of the season are subject to road conditions.

Most tours depart daily at 8:00AM and 1:00PM.  11AM tours are available on many Monday & Thursdays.

Exact dates and times can be viewed on the calendar on the right.

What's included?
  • All transportation is included.
  • Entry to the Tutshi Lake Sled Dog Camp.
  • 45 minutes at the sled dog camp for mushing experience, educational chat, and play time with the puppies 
  • Multiple photo stops along the Klondike Highway, including the Welcome to Alaska sign and the White Pass Summit.
  • Toddlers and Infants under 2 are free, but not recommended for this experience.  Please book them for “Pet The Puppies”.
Additional Information
  • Because of the nature of the mushing experience, we do not recommned this excursion for children under the age of 6.  They can join others on this tour to the sled dog camp, but book them under “Pet The Puppies” experience – it is the same bus & driver/guide!
  • Strollers and folding wheelchairs are welcome. Come a few minutes early and allow extra time for loading and unloading. There are three steps up and onto the bus. Car seats are not required or convenient. Infants may sit on your lap. Less gear to lug around the park!
  • Buses have limited cargo space and cannot store electric scooters or electric wheelchairs.  Newer model collapsable, powered wheelchairs (under 50#s) may be stored in the back of the bus, however we kindly ask that a traveler companion/aid assist our driver-guide in the stowage of the chair.  The City of Skagway does have limited covered space near each berth for motorized chairs.
  • GUESTS OF ALL NATIONALITIES MUST BRING PASSPORTS AND ANY OTHER REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION for all tours with our company. Photo copies ARE NOT permitted. Photo ID and birth certificates are not acceptable unless the guest is a U.S. or Canadian citizen.  Guests under 16 years of age are allowed entry into Canada with an original (NOT PHOTOCOPY) of their birth certificate.
Where are we picked up?

The meeting place is located just beyond the security checkpoint for each berth/dock. Dock representatives are waiting near the exit, holding Skagway Tours signs, and wearing a red vest or hat.

Check-in is required prior to boarding the bus.  All pick-ups start at LEAST 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure time of the tour.  We can NOT be late, and refunds will not be authorized for guests who do not check-in before departure and have proper documentation to enter Canada.

Pickup Locations in Skagway

  • Railroad Dock – Please go to the “ZONE B / Skagway FishCo” checkpoint, this is adjacent to the area where shuttles and tenders will drop you off. Look for a representative holding a RED sign that reads, “SKAGWAY TOURS.”
  • Broadway Dock – Walk to the end of the pier “foot bridge” to the parking lot directly in front of your ship and look for a representative holding a RED sign that reads, “SKAGWAY TOURS.”
  • Ore Dock – Walk to the red weather shelter which is located directly across the footbridge in the parking lot next to the cruise ship. Wait here for your driver/guide who will be carrying a RED sign that reads, “SKAGWAY TOURS.”
  • Centennial Park & 1st Avenue – There is a bus pullout just in front of the railroad tracks along Broadway, across from the White Pass & Yukon Route Depot.  Look for the large black & red snow-removal locomotive display.  This is the last/final stop for pickups on the tour.

GUESTS OF ALL NATIONALITIES MUST BRING PASSPORTS AND ANY OTHER REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION for all tours with our company. Photo copies ARE NOT permitted. Photo ID and birth certificates are not acceptable unless the guest is a U.S. or Canadian citizen.  Guests under 16 of age may bring an original (NOT PHOTOCOPY) of their birth certificate in leiu of passport.

Canadian FlagCanada Entry Requirements

US FlagUS Entry Documents/Requirements 

Questions? Call 907.921.4344 or use our online chat (bottom right).

Bus departure and return times are subject to change based on weather, unforeseen changes to cruise line schedules, or road delays. Be sure to ask your driver for exact times on the day of travel and plan accordingly.

Where is the drop-off?

The drop-off location is the same as the pickup location, unless you chose to get off at Centennial Park, located at 1st & Broadway.  This stop is about a 5 to 10 minute walk to all berths.  

Note: it is important that you provide our staff with the name of your ship/line so that we can ensure you are booked on the correct tour & times; most of our tours are scheduled around ships times and make sure all tours have returned to Skagway at least 1 hour prior to all-aboard time.   If we notice a possible time conflict, one of our team members will contact you and suggest a new time, tour, or refund.

What should I bring?

The weather in Skagway is often cool & wet (we live in a rainforest.) while the Yukon is dryer and a bit cooler than Skagway (1o to 15* F colder). Bring your passport, layered clothing, a waterproof jacket, a camera and/or video camera, and comfortable shoes.   

Passports ARE required for non-US/Canadian residents.  US & Canadian residents must have an original birth certificate, Nexus card, or any approved WHTI document to enter Canada (and re-enter the US). 

… and if you think your driver-guide did a fantastic job, tips are always appreciated!

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